8 Ways To Make Desserts Using Egg Substitutes

I’ve been contacted by Positive Health Wellness to let me know about their post on the subject of “8 ways to make desserts using egg substitutes”.

Way back in the mists of internet time (2010 in fact) I posted an article by Becky Striepe titles “Eight Tasty, Egg Free Dishes“.

However, Positive Health Wellness tell me that their article, in their words “is more comprehensive, up to date and quotes more trustworthy sources”.

So here it is…

8 Ways To Make Desserts Using Egg Substitutes


Whether you don’t eat them for ethical reasons or prefer to avoid eggs completely, you may start to wonder about the ability to enjoy your life. There are so many meals that involve eggs, especially when it comes to desserts. Can you even bake a cake without using at least one egg? Will it taste just as good without?

There are egg substitutes out there, and you can use them all to make your desserts. Whether you want cookies, cakes or trifles, there is something available.

Here are 8 ways to make desserts using egg substitutes.

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