Beetroot For A Healthy Heart.


Beetroot for a healthy heart?



Many of us think of beetroot as that dark red, pickled stuff you buy in jars.¬†However, there’s much more to it than just a pickle!


For many years beetroot – either as a raw vegetable or as a juice – has been marketed as being full of health-giving properties. And recent studies have shown this to be true.



In particular, a study undertaken at The Queen Mary University of London showed that the nitrates in beetroot juice significantly lowered blood pressure within 24 hours of drinking just 250ml!


And according to the American Heart Association, drinking 500ml of beetroot juice  led to a reduction in blood pressure within 1 hour.


This reduction was more pronounced after 3 to 4 hours, and was still measurable after 24 hours.


Not only can you use beetroot for a healthy heart that, it seems that it also

  • supports the cardiovascular system,
  • improves stamina,
  • helps to support your liver
  • and helps with digestion.


Generally, the preparation of beetroot can be a bit messy (not to mention leaving your hands looking as if they belong to a mad axe murderer) but you can buy beetroot juice concentrate and ready-to-drink, plus we also stock beetroot extract capsule.




So, if you suffer from high blood pressure and want to try reducing it without using medication, this would seem to be a safe way to go – BUT, consult with your doctor first and NEVER just stop taking your medication in favour of beetroot juice.


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