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Five Uses for Witch Hazel

Five Uses for Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has been used for many generations to treat skin problems.  It has even made its way into a number of mainstream skin products over the years, from respected companies such as Pond’s.

Herbalists have also used it internally to treat some conditions, although there is some debate as to its safety when used internally.

Witch hazel’s pleasant fragrance and easy care makes it a popular shrub.  It can also be found in various forms in herb shops.  Here are five of the most popular uses for witch hazel:

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5 Exercises Perfect for Autumn

5 Exercises Perfect for Autumn


After having been exposed to what has been an exceptional summer, there’s no doubt that there are those who are looking forward to the autumn and winter months.


In addition, if you have been on a diet regimen throughout the summer, you will want to maintain your exercise program – especially during this time of year.


Here are 5 exercises which are perfect for autumn.

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Treating Mosquito Bites Without Going to the Pharmacy


We all know mosquito bites are painful and irritating, and sometimes the treatments for them are just as bad.


But you don’t have to go all the way to the pharmacy and pay over the odds for something that doesn’t always work.


Why not try one of these great home remedies to take the itch out and get rid of those bites fast?

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The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

The Health Benefits of Coconut Oil



Although there has been controversy surrounding the use of coconut oil, recent studies assert there are definitive health benefits in using the oil.


Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is a saturated fatty acid that has an anti-microbial component.


More importantly, the anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties in coconut oil are now widely accepted as a healthy alternative that can be utilized in a variety of areas:

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Rosacea Found To Be Caused by Bacteria

Rosacea Found To Be Caused by Bacteria

Posted on Sep 12, 2012  on Skin Care Beauty Zone blog (

Scientists at the National University of Ireland have established a relation between bacteria and rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that causes lesions and reddening of the facial skin. The research team has discovered that rosacea is caused by bacteria that live inside mites which are a part of our skin micro flora.


Study on symbiotic mites in our skin

According to the study, a species of mites called Demodex folliculorum live in our skin as harmless inhabitants. Their number increases with age and the damage to the skin such as exposure to sunlight. During the course of their investigation the researchersfound that the number of these mites was exceptionally high in rosacea patients. So they isolated these Demodex mites for further studies. To their surprise they found that within these mites lived a species of bacteria calledBacillus oleronius. Molecular studies on these bacteria proved that the bacillus produce molecules which trigger an immune reaction that is visible as the inflammation and lesions in rosacea patients.

The latest edition of Journal of Medical Microbiology carries a review on this research conducted by Dr Kevin Kavanagh. According to him, the bacteria said to be responsible for rosacea are found in the digestive tract of the facial mite. They share a symbiotic relationship. However, when the mites die, these bacteria are released from their guts and they flow into the surrounding tissues and cells. This triggers aninflammation reaction and tissue degradation. The condition is not only embarrassing for the person who suffers from it, but also very painful due to the inflammation. Sometimes, the lesions can cause secondary infections, worsening the situation.

Impact of the study on rosacea treatment

The most common mode of treatment for rosacea is administrating antibiotics. And they work because the main cause of the condition is bacteria. But now, with this new discovery, more specific antibiotics can be developed to counter the Bacillus oleronius species. Alternately, medication for controlling theDemodex mite population in the skin can be developed. This way the population of the bacteria can be controlled as well as the probability of the infection reduced.

Almost 3% of the population in America and the UK is affected by rosacea. Hence this discovery is important to pharmaceutical industry. Already, some of the companies have begun their work on developing therapeutic agents to counter these new skin microbes. This has given new hope to people suffering from rosacea, as the chances of reversing and even preventing rosacea appear to be very high.


New Natural Skincare Products In Store

Faith in Nature Natural Skincare
Faith in Nature Natural Skincare

Natural skincare products have been available – at a price – for some time, but now they are becoming more accessible to everyone. But does this really matter in everyday life?

Well, the answer is “Yes” it really does matter and it affects you and your future in some pretty important ways.

Your skin is one of the most important organs in your body – it’s certainly the largest – and so has to be well maintained. Its main role (apart from holding all your insides in place :-)) is to eliminate toxins from your body. However, your skin acts as a two-way membrane, and also allows toxins back in to your body!

Therefore it’s pretty important for you to consider what you’re putting on your face and body when you use your favourite moisturiser or body polish.

The fact is that skin care products that are not “natural” can contain some pretty harmful ingredients:-

  • Sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) – also used as industrial degreaser and floor cleaner
  • Mineral oils – used in industry as cutting lubricants
  • Propylene glycol – a major ingredient in brake and hydraulic fluids

And whilst these produce the results you’re looking for in the short term, the long term effects – particularly if they pass through your skin & into your bloodstream – may prove to be quite disastrous.

So, back to the main question, “Why use natural skincare products?” Let’s face it, everyone wants their skin to look its best, and that can only be achieved when it is at its healthiest. It’s unlikely that “healthy” comes into the equation when we’re gaily applying petrochemicals to our skin, so natural is the way to go.

Natural skincare products are formulated from carefully selected organic and natural ingredients, which are able to deliver the results you want whilst still being kind to you and your skin. Many of these products are hypoallergenic and suitable for vegans.

That’s why we’ve chosen to stock the Faith in Nature range of natural skincare products. Just call into the shop for a look, for more information & to buy.