Colds & Flu Treatment – Probiotics

Probiotics are a vital weapon in your arsenal of defence against colds & flu.

There have been several studies during the past decade – primarily on children – that have shown that Probiotics help your immune response by both preventing colds and flu (by over 50%) and speeding up your recovery time (by over 30%).

Around 80% of your immune system is in your digestive system and it is here that probiotics protect you against any potentially harmful bacteria that attempt to infect you.

Probiotics appear to stimulate the production and activity of immune cells located in your digestive tract, mouth, respiratory system and urinary tract and so act as a 1st line of defence against invading organisms.

Sadly, we live in a world that is obsessed with “anti-bacterial” products and, when you couple this to the large use of anti-biotics, it’s hardly suprising that the delicate balance in our digestive system is disturbed and we catch colds and flu viruses so easily.

There are lots of adverts at the moment for drinks and yoghurts that contain “friendly bacteria”. Most of these bacteria are “transient”, i.e., they pass through your system, so need to be replaced on a daily basis. Whilst these are great for general maintenance of your system, if you have a digestive disorder, or have taken anti-biotics, then you need to consider a properly formulated probiotic supplement.

To put things into perspective; if your digestive system is healthy, it will contain somewhere in the region of 100 trillion bacteria (that’s 10 with 14 zeros after it!) that are from about 500 different species all living quite happily alongside each other. And, if you were able to collect them all together and weigh them, they’d weigh about 1Kg.

So, to keep things in order, it’s worth taking a good quality probiotic supplement. The main point here is “good quality”!

Most supplement manufacturers have a probiotic listed in their catalogues, but this is one area where specialist manufacturers really do excel. A specialist will provide different combinations of Probiotics specifically designed to target different problems – such as bloating, immunity, daily wellbeing, travelling, etc.,

Gary Huffnagle, Ph.D., of the University of Michigan Health System, is one of the world’s leading researchers into the Probiotics and he sums things up rather nicely when he says….

“It’s the job of these good microbes to stimulate our immune system, and the other job they do is to stimulate good digestive health. Today, the world of probiotics is emerging on the cutting-edge of mainstream medicine.”

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