Health Benefits – Cod Liver Oil


Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

If you’re in the same age group as me, you probably remember – not too fondly – having to tale a teaspoon of cod liver oil on a daily basis. Whilst I don’t think any of us enjoyed it, this oil did have its uses back then – and still does, today.

Let’s take a look at some cod liver oil health benefits as asserted by doctors today.

Cod liver oil has three vitamins essential to your health: Vitamins A, D, and E. The three vitamins play an important role in lowering cholesterol and preventing dry skin, and have been touted for reducing the inflammation which causes arthritis.

Studies have shown that cod liver oil not only improves memory, but also improves conditions such as asthma and other related diseases.

In addition, this oil is widely known to help prevent rickets in children (which is associated with lack of vitamin D), as well as contribute to general bone health.

Studies have indicated that individuals with osteoporosis have shown significant progress when taking cod liver oil.

Many people suffer from joint pain, and cod liver oil can help reduce not only the pain, but also the damage incurred in arthritis patients.

In addition to the natural vitamins in cod liver oil, there are omega-3 fatty acids which have significant benefits.

Combined, they improve energy levels in individuals who are sometimes fatigued; they help keep the thyroid at a healthy level, help maintain vision, keep the immune system healthy, and are noted to offer cardiovascular benefits as well.

Cod liver oil has also been used to treat diabetes, and clinical trials have shown that the glucose response greatly improves after taking cod liver oil. Moreover, diabetes can affect the eyes, and cod liver oil has a healing effect on the retina.

If you have high blood pressure, studies have indicated that the use of cod liver oil has a significant effect due to the fact that vitamin D absorbs calcium and magnesium, and the end result is a lower blood pressure.

For Colitis sufferers, individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and those who have Crohn’s Disease, studies have shown that these conditions can respond more favorably to cod liver oil than to other prescribed medication.

Cod liver oil has many health benefits and while some people may prefer adding fish to their diet, it will not necessarily yield the same results that cod liver oil offers.

This is due to the fact that the potency is not as high in fish products. In fact, one study showed that you would have to consume approximately a half-pound of fatty fish in order to obtain the same amount of vitamin D as is contained in one spoonful of cod liver oil.



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