Home Remedies For Dark Skin Spots


Women are usually looking for dark spots on face treatments if they have a scar left by pimples, acne or cuts. Sun exposure can also result in spots of this kind.

After a certain age they appear simply because the skin ages. There are some procedures and medications that can treat them, but there are some home remedies as well.

Vinegar and horse radish

These substances will help you exfoliate the skin and if you use them for longer periods of time, they will also brighten the spots. You just have to mix some grated horse radish with some vinegar. Let it sit for a couple of weeks and then apply the mixture on the spots three times per day.

Lemon juice

When it comes to treatments for dark spots on the face remember that lemon juice is known as a natural bleacher. Since it is acidic, it can lighten the spots on the skin. All you have to do is to squeeze out some juice of a lemon and apply it directly on the spot.

Castor oil

The dark spots on face treatment can also include castor oil. This substance is acidic and in the same time it has anti-inflammatory characteristics. You just have to apply some oil on your skin a couple of times per day to make the dark spots lighten.

Onion extract

Although this one of the dark spots on the face treatments sounds disgusting, you should know that it has anti-inflammatory properties and numerous commercial scar treatments contain it. It supports collagen production, so the scar could disappear. Usually you can find in gel form.

Aloe vera

If you are looking for dark spots on face treatment, it is a must to consider aloe vera. This is a moisturizer and it also has anti-inflammatory properties along with the ability to make the dark spots less visible. You can find in stores aloe vera plant or gel.

In case you get a plant as a treatment option for dark spots all you have to do is to cut a leaf from the plant and drain the liquid from it. Then remove the gel from the leaf and rinse it with cold water. Apply the gel directly on the spot that you want to lighten.

You have to experiment until you find which dark spots on face treatment works for you.

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