The Many Uses of Lavender Oil

The Many Uses of Lavender Oil



Lavender oil is by far the most popular aromatherapy oil used today.  What are the many uses of lavender oil?  Let’s take a look.


Skin Oil:  When used on the skin, lavender oil has been shown to treat acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.  Because it has anti-fungal and anti-viral components, this oil may also be used for inflammatory conditions, burns, wounds, rashes and sunburn.  It is also said to prevent aging of the skin.


Hair Oil:  Instead of using brand name conditioners, use lavender oil as an alternative.


Reduce Stress:  When used as bath oil, lavender can reduce stress and anxiety.  It has also been known to act as an antidepressant.


Massage:  Utilized as a massage oil, lavender has been proven to be effective in reducing muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatism, and swelling.  It is also said to strengthen the immune system, lower blood pressure, aid in improving digestion, and relieve nausea.


Mind and Body:  Because lavender is a de-stressor, it enables the mind and body to reach a balance within that is evidenced by one’s energy levels.  For those who suffer from anxiety and depression, it may act as a catalyst to relieve the symptoms associated with these conditions such as panic attacks and insomnia.


Headaches:  Studies have shown that a few drops of lavender oil applied to the temples provides effective relief.


Insect Bites:  Lavender oil has been shown to heal insect bites.


It should be noted that pregnant women and women who breastfeed should not use lavender oil, according to experts.  Further, some individuals may develop an allergic reaction to the oil as well.


Therefore, check the labels on make-up and perfumes to ascertain if there is any lavender contained in them.


As we go about our daily lives and try to juggle many tasks at once, it’s important to take time out to “smell the lavender”.  Although lavender oil has many medicinal uses, it can simply be enjoyed for its essential component at least once a day.



While there are 24 hours in a day, there are far too many moments missed in which we can truly relax.




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