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Top 5 Heart Supplements

Top 5 Heart Supplements


We all know we should eat a healthy diet – after all, everyone keeps banging on about it; the TV, papers, government, doctors, and on and on – but most of us don’t have the time, money or inclination to follow the guidelines.

Added to this, our food just doesn’t have the nutritional value it used to (one report has calculated that we’d have to eat 10,000 calories a day to get the optimum levels of nutrients!!).

So, here are what I consider are the top 5 supplements for keeping your heart & cardiovascular system in good condition.
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Cherries and Their Benefits

The benefits of cherries


The Mail Online have been extolling the virtues of Montmorency Cherries lately – in fact on July 10th they ran the following article.

by John Naish, Mail ONLINE & Daily Mail (FemailMAGAZINE) – 10th July 2015

George Washington would surely have left his father’s cherry tree undamaged if he knew knew what scientists are learning today.

For studies reveal that cherries are unusually rich in health-promoting compounds which can trim our tummy, help prevent heart disease, make exercise easier and even improve our sleep.

So at just less than 100 calories and half a gram of fat per serving, you have every reason to take more than two bites at the cherry.

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Of course, I stock the concentrated juice and the capsules here in store, so if you’re convinced, call in & buy some!


Probiotics and weight management.

This was recently sent to me by the nice folks at Optibac probiotics. It’s a bit heavy on the technical & qualification side, but that’s all to the good. Anyway, it’s well worth plowing through!


Probiotics and weight management.


Some research exists to suggest that probiotics can help with weight management – but how does that work, and how sound is the research?

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