Supplements For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Complicated as it already is, this condition stirs up more controversy with regard to using supplements for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome symptoms.  Several medical professionals – together with researchers and experts – believe nutritional supplements can help manage the symptoms. And, despite there being no approved therapeutic evidence, some people self medicate with supplements instead of taking prescribed medications.

However, because there is no firm evidence of the efficacy of nutritional supplements, there should be proper consultation with a health care provider and nutritionist to ensure that the correct supplements are taken to make certain that there are no complications.


For every particular symptom, there is an equivalent supplement and an expected result. Here are some of the nutritional supplements that may be of help:


Vitamin C

There is growing evidence that high doses of Vitamin C can have a great deal of benefit for ME/CFS sufferers.

Research has shown that high doses of vitamin C can reduce fatigue in mice. However, for this to be effective in humans, doses of between 3,000 and 4,000 grams are required that can lead to bouts of diarrhea unless this is built up to gradually. Once a tolerance has been achieved, there are reported improvements of symptoms such as muscle pain, fatigue and fever.

For more information on Vitamin C and tolerance levels, follow the link below:-


Carotenoids are the colourful pigments found in fruits and vegetables – particularly those that are rich shades of red, orange and yellow. These naturally occurring antioxidants protect cellular health and are extremely potent at fighting disease and helping to build up the immune system.

Naturally, the best way to obtain carotenoids is directly from the fruit and vegetables – in particular, carrots. However care should be taken as tomatoes and peppers may increase pain in some people and spinach and Kale can interfere with thyroid medications that you may be on.

St John’s Wort

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome often lead to depression if not resolved. St. John’s Wort may help with this by improving your sense of well-being whilst also helping to lessen fatigue.

If you take St John’s Wort, you must tell your doctor as tests show it can interfere with other prescription medication. However, despite this drawback, many practitioners feel that St John’s Wort is as effective as some of the more commonly used antidepressants whilst having far fewer side effects.


Blood tests have shown that people with CFS tend to be deficient in magnesium and, as magnesium plays a major role in both energy production and the healthy functioning of nerves and muscles, it’s not too difficult to see the connection.

Taking magnesium supplements has been shown to reduce stress, help to improve muscle and nerve functioning, reduce inflammation in joints and help to improve sleep.

Many doctors give magnesium injections, but many people are now finding that bathing in Epsom Salts is almost as effective and they don’t have to face that long needle!


For centuries, ginseng has been used for its energy-giving properties and its ability to combat fatigue. For CFS sufferers, this has proved to be one of the most beneficial herbal remedies.

However, there have only been small-scale surveys done by researchers and, even though the results have been positive, care should be taken when using ginseng as it can interact badly with a wide range of prescribed medicines.


5-HTP is a pre-curer to serotonin. In other words, it’s a product that your body converts to useful serotonin, which plays a role in normal nerve and brain function but, more importantly, can help regulate sleep, emotions, pain and inflammation –all of which are relevant if you have CFS.

Unfortunately, the list of conditions and drugs that this remedy can cause problems with is extensive, so it should only be taken with the full knowledge and guidance of your health professional.

This is just a small selection of supplements that can be beneficial if you suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Others, such as fish oil (omega 3), vitamin B12 and CoQ10 may also prove effective. But, as always, consult your heath professional before you start to take any supplements for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as it may be that, in your particular circumstances, they may make your condition worse!


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