Tea Tree Oil Uses and Health Benefits

Tea tree oil

Whilst the health benefits of tea tree oil have been known for generations, it is only fairly recently that it has been acknowledged as being a medicinal remedy for various health problems.

Distilled from the leaves of the Meleleuca Alternifolia which is found in Australia, it has been used by the Aborigines since they first inhabited the country.


Here then are the many uses and health benefits of tea tree oil.


As a disinfectant, tea tree oil helps to dissipate bacteria, that are present in wounds and infections.


It treats fungal diseases which affect animals as well as humans, and cleans the surface of wounds without causing damage to tissue.


Touted as a natural antiseptic, a bactericide, fungicide and anti-viral product with anaesthetic qualities, tea tree oil can be used daily on the skin.  As mentioned earlier, the Aborigines have used this oil to treat acne, rashes, fungal diseases and dandruff, to name a few.


(Just a few drops of tea tree oil added to shampoo can clear up a dandruff problem.)


This oil was also utilized in World War II, and was given to soldiers to carry in their kits in order to treat tropical infections, infected wounds, insect bites and cuts.


Additionally, because of its antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients, tea tree oil was also used to treat burns


Due to its antiviral properties, there is some evidence that tea tree oil may be effective in treating infectious diseases such as colds, flue, shingles, and chicken pox.  It has also been known to heal cold sores and warts.


One important note:  Read the directions on the label, as use of tea tree oil should be limited to small drops.  It’s that potent!


Whilst the health benefits of tea tree oil are clearly evident, check with your doctor before you use it to make sure you’re not going to react badly to this powerful oil.


If you’re concerned, you may wish to research which creams and ointments contain the properties of tea tree oil so you can use it in a milder form.



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