The Best Steak and kidney Pudding On The Planet?

We’ve just (belatedly) discovered that I sell what is – in our opinion – the best steak and kidney pudding on the planet!

the best steak and kidney pudding on the planet


Here we are, tucked up in our holiday cottage (for 4 days) in the Cotswolds recovering from a dinner that was so good I had to put up a post about it.

Cotswold holiday cottage


The weather today has been foul, so a steak and kidney pudding from Field Fare seemed a suitable choice for dinner. I’ve been meaning to try these for some time. But as our microwave blew up a few weeks ago, we’ve not got around to it.

What a waste!

We would have had them yesterday, but forgot that they take 12 hours to de-frost (but then only take 4 minutes each in the microwave).

The upside? What is probably the best steak and kidney pudding on the planet!

The suet is amazing & the filling is perfect – no gristley bits or fat.

The downside? They are generous – we could probably have shared one.

Plus, Lynne has now declared that she doesn’t have to make steak and kidney puddings any more (not that she made them that often, anyway) as she thinks that her offering has lost it’s title of best steak and kidney pudding on the planet.

We’ll have to see, as Bernard (of Cunning Artificer fame) always eulogises about Lynne’s puddings (!) so I’ll have to get him to sample these.

Meanwhile, you can try them for yourself – they’re in the freezer in the shop. I’ll be open again on Tuesday, so form an orderly queue.

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