The Right Vitamins for Hair Growth You Should Consider

Posted on Sep 15, 2011-09-15

A lot of people with thinning hair are wondering about whether there are some vitamins for hair growth. The truth is that the kind of life that we have has an effect on our hair. A nutrition that isn’t balanced combined with a high level of stress will definitely be visible on your hair.

What we eat is what we are, right? So in case we have a varied nutrition, it is almost certain that we will have all the hair growth vitamins that we need. We must remember that the hair health has an effect on the general well-being of people.

B vitamins for hair growth

These vitamins are considered to be the best for hair growth. You can find them in whole grains, brewer’s yeast, fresh fruit, eggs, turkey, milk, fish and meat. B vitamins are water soluble, meaning that they don’t build up in the body, like vitamin A does.

The things you need to know about B vitamins for growing hair is that the para-aminobenzoic acid prevents the hair from greying, inositol prevents hair loss, niacin, that is also known as B-3 vitamin stimulates the blood circulation in your scalp while panthenol, known as B-5 vitamin stops hair loss and helps the re-growth of hair.

There is also biotin that you should know about because it prevents premature greying of the hair and it is important to prevent hair loss. Other vitamins that you should keep an eye out for are B-6 and B-12.

Vitamin E

According to those specialists that have been handling herbs, among the vitamins for growing hair there is also vitamin E. Even more, this is considered to be the one with the most benefits from the point of view of hair growing.

In fact vitamin E is an antioxidant that stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp. With better blood circulation the hair follicles will get more nutrients and so the hair will be stronger and healthier.

The majority of the Americans have enough E vitamins for hair growth, but it never hurts to eat some green leafy vegetables, nuts, and whole grains.

Vitamin A

This vitamin isn’t just one of the vitamins for growing hair, but it is also important for the overall health. It is important for the hair follicles because it keeps the hair root lubricated. You can find this vitamin in orange, red and vegetables, liver, green leafy vegetables and eggs.

When thinking about vitamins for growing hair, you should be careful with vitamin A, because it builds up in the organism and it could reach critical levels, so don’t have more than you need.

Vitamin C

We all know that it is good to take vitamin C when we have a cold, but it is also one of the vitamins for growing hair. In order to get vitamin C you should eat citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwis, tomatoes, pineapples and green and red peppers.

In order to allow the vitamins for hair growth to make their effect, you should quit smoking, in case you are a smoker.

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