Vitamin D – A Deficiency Epidemic!

Regular sunlight is needed for the production of the vital nutrient Vitamin D, which keeps growing bones healthy and strong.  The record rainfall throughout April, May & June has robbed youngsters off this essential vitamin.


Speaking at the BMA’s annual conference in Brighton, Dr Balch said: ‘Modern living, with an increasingly indoor lifestyle, extended cloud cover, air pollution and modern diets have reduced access to natural vitamin D’.

Doctors fear there could be an explosion of illness among children, the most common illness caused by lack of vitamin D being rickets, which leads to the softening and weekening of the bones.

People need just 20 to 30 minutes of sun three or four times a week to ensure they get enough vitamin D, but obviously with our weather it can be impossible to get this.  Children make 90% of their vitamin D naturally from sunlight exposure on their skin.  Without sunlight, the shortfall must be made up with supplements and a healthy diet.

Medics said vitamin D deficiency is particularly noticeable among children up to three years old whose bones are developing.

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