Waste Not, Want Not: Buy Yourself Some CRAP!

I just couldn’t resist this…

Well, I just couldn’t resist the play on words for this title, which you’ll soon come to understand is very fitting.

While surfing the web for really cool, eco-friendly items to build-out my ever-growing sustainable wardrobe, I came across this really amazing company that refers to themselves as CRAP.

Not only do I LOVE the name because it grabbed me, but what they do is take materials that otherwise end up as landfill crap, and make beautiful, unique and very artistic pieces.

Before I continue, I must tell you that CRAP actually stands for something : Craftbrewers Recycled Art Project. They’ve been turning brewery waste into amazing pieces like wallets, soaps, beer holders and other things since 1999. Talk about creative people!

My picture doesn’t do the bag justice, but I’ve included one anyway.

I had to contact Hannah at CRAP because I fell in love with their products, and she promptly filled me in on information behind this particular bag. To break it down, this yoga bag has been made from empty malt bags from a local company, and the other fabric on the top, bottom and insides comes from yet another local company that makes baby slings.

I love knowing where my treasured items come from. Another cool fact that endears me even more to this brand? Their cards and product tags are all made from reused cereal box cardboard, which has been stamped with their signature CRAP stamp. Love it more than I could ever say in one article.

So next time you’re looking to add an item to your fashion collection, support small indie shops like this, who turn their passion for what they do into a talking piece that your friends will keep eying for weeks to come… I still get stopped anywhere I go when people ask where I got my cool yoga bag…Being a trendsetter is cool, isn’t it? 🙂

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