Who’s Advice Would You Seek About Obesity?

If you wanted an insight into the causes of obesity, you could consult nutritionists who specialize in helping the obese gain control of their weight.

Or you could go to the source and consult with the people who run McDonald’s, KFC, Kellogg’s and PepsiCo.

The UK Department of Health (DoH) has done just that. But they’ve actually gone one better. Newspapers report that the four companies mentioned above will actually be called on to help write DoH policy on obesity.


While they’re at it, why not invite Merck, Pfizer, and Lilly to help write pharmaceutical safety regulations? I’m sure they’d have a lot of great ideas! One newspaper reports: “In early meetings, these commercial partners have been invited to draft priorities and identify barriers, such as EU legislation, that they would like removed.”


Obesity in the UK? Better stand back — it’s going to get big!

To Your Good Health,

Jenny Thompson
HSI Director

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