Why is Red Wine Good For Your Heart?

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You’ve heard it before, but why is it true?

By Sara Novak
Thu Aug 18, 2011

I stand by the research that my guilty pleasure, red wine is so loaded with antioxidants that it’s necessary to indulge in it regularly. It’s known for polyphenols found in grapes, which protect the body from free radicals that damage cells. Damaged cells can lead to a host of ailments down the line as well as aging.

Red wine has been specifically associated with cardiovascular health. While it makes sense that this results from the protection of cells in the body that lead to the breakdown of the cardiovascular system, a new study published in Food Research International points to more precise benefits.

According to Nutra Ingredients, red wine actually protects the Omega 3 fatty acids already in the body, which in turn protect the heart.

“The result of the present study indicate that red wine polyphenols protect omega 3 PUFA more than omega 6 PUFA of plasma,” said the researchers led by Roberta Cazzola from the University of Milan, Italy.

Essential fatty acids are long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids made from linolenic, linoleic, and oleic acids. The two essential forms are Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids and they are referred to as essential because the body cannot produce them on its on. They must be a part of your diet. Essential fatty acids regulate blood clotting, blood pressure, blood lipid levels, and the body’s response to injury and infection.

The study investigated the omega fatty acids involved in inflammation, specifically DHA and EPA and found they were less vulnerable to breaking down in the body with the help of polyphenols. It’s undoubtedly a reason to keep sipping (in moderation of course).

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