Yeast Infection Talk

Upcoming yeast infection talk

I’m always suprised at the amount of customers who come to the shop looking for a remedy for a yeast infection.

I had no idea that this was a problem that affected so many people – up to 75% of the adult population it seems!

And it’s one of those subjects that everyone is too embarrassed to talk about.


So I’ve invited Norman Brown from Wren Laboratories in Andover (they manufacture the Optibac range of probiotics) to come along and give a ¬†yeast infection talk.

It’s going to be on July 17th at 7.00pm an will be at Charlton Musgrove Village Hall again.

For more details & to book a place, click on the link below


yeast infection talk


And if you’d like to find out a few basic facts about¬†yeast infection,
then click on this link>>>


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